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Poetry Wednesdays

Waray Poetry: Janis Salvacion Reads “Kahayag” / “Light”

Next up in the Poetry Wednesdays series is Janis Salvacion, reading her luminous poem about her grandmother, “Kahayag.” It’s not evident in this recording, but Janis carried on through the sound of trikes and motorcycles revving past her bookstore (where we snuck in this recording).

Janis opened Bookstorm about a year ago in downtown Tacloban, some months after Typhoon Yolanda destroyed the books she had collected over the years. It’s the only indie bookshop in Tacloban. 

When asked if this had been a dream of hers, if she had always wanted to run a bookstore, the answer was no. She just felt the need to open a bookstore, post-Yolanda. That urgency is something I heard echoed by other new Tacloban entrepreneurs I met, like Trixie and Jacques Palami of Yellow Doors Hostel, and one of the Alunans, who opened Pizza Canto within months of the storm.

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Poetry Wednesdays

Waray Poetry: Voltaire Oyzon reads “Gab-i” / “Night”

For the second installment of Poetry Wednesdays, here’s Tacloban-based Waray poet Voltaire Oyzon, reading “Gab-i.”

Voltaire is also one of the minds behind the Corpora Project, a database of texts in various languages. It’s purpose is to preserve language and provide structural analysis that can be used to classify texts according to comprehension level for use in mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTBMLE). Check it out at



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