Interviews with Indies

Journey for Justice: a Q + A with Bridge + Delta Publishing

One of the most fun things about creating Sari-Sari Storybooks has been learning about independent publishing. Part of that means meeting interesting niche publishers, who are making their own way, too. I don’t get to geek out about metadata and crowdfunding with just anyone! So here at Sari-Sari, we’ll be posting a monthly series of Q+A with other indie publishers, starting with our kasamas at Bridge + Delta. Below is an interview with Gayle Romasanta, […]

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Tips for Writing a Children’s Picture Book

After opening the Meranaw storywriting contest, some interested writers asked for tips on writing for children. This is a great question, as children’s picture books are such a unique category. First (as with any story), start with a strong character and plot. Is the character interesting enough to make kids want to read more? Is your plot clear enough to summarize in two sentences? Children’s stories remind me of poems: they seem simple, yet aren’t […]

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The Meranaw Children’s Storywriting Contest

Have you ever wished for a children’s story about the sarimanok? Or a story with a kulintang player, or okkir carver, or another Meranaw theme? Have you ever wanted to write such a story yourself? Sari-Sari Storybooks is holding a writing contest for a Meranaw children’s picture book. Contestants can be of any age, profession, or ethnicity. However, we especially encourage Meranaw writers to enter, and to write to their culture. A panel of Meranaw […]

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